Doll House 168 factory interview

D露天長條 (1)ollHouse168 is not the most known factory. But they have a great models series that i love: D.H168 Exclusive. They also sell some WM Dolls or OR Doll models.

And in this series, a particular model: the 158cm with big breast body AKA Rin (or Yui) or Hu Dako like Fu Arthur’s  Doll…

All specs are:

  • Material:TPE
  • Height:158 cm
  • Weight:28 kg
  • Bust:84 cm
  • Under Bust:50 cm
  • Waist:43 cm
  • Oral:13 cm
  • Vagina:17 cm
  • Anal:15 cm

You can see some nice pics from the official website below.

More photos at:

But Today i would like to present you a new video (3/30/16) of the factory interview. In this video, you can see all models and the manufacturing process: sculpture, mold, finishing, make up, skeleton.

3 thoughts on “Doll House 168 factory interview

  1. Well…it’s Christmas for big breast lovers lately it seems. I just love their faces! I was in Japan for a year or 2 and I recognize people in those doll faces. Amazing!


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