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How to repair TPE and Silicone in Vids

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Repair breast   YouTubeOn TDF, there is a complete Part of the forum dedicated to repair and maintenance. You could find many advices and tutos:

I found two threads, one about “How to clean your silicone doll.” (and i invite you to read my article “Cleaning the hoohah and Free Sterilization System“) and the latter about “Care and Maintenance Tips“. This thread created by is a real good idea, ’cause he listed some excellent tips to keep our dolls safe and clean.

Some examples like:

  • Clean her love holes often to stop germs. You don’t want a bladder infection. (This maybe just a Myth?)

  • If she’s dirty gently use mild soapy water with a soft sponge or cloth to clean.

  • Don’t rub too hard as it may split the skin.

  • According to the instructions for my rose doll, Soap, Shampoo, Bath Gel and Mild Detergents are ok to use on silicone.

  • Powder her once she is clean and air dried. A cool or warm electric fan (at a safe distance of course) will work well. Don’t leave her by a bar heater or fire (for obvious reasons 8O).

I encourage you to read and participate actively so that everyone can benefit from your advices.

There is another thread about “Care and maintenance of TPE” created by He recall the last advice from DollAfficionado (below) and he listed some other great thread

The Big 3 for proper maintenance of a TPE doll are:

1. Keep the doll well-powdered all the time. Perform at least monthly powderings at a minimum; however, more frequent powederings are strongly recommended especially if you use the doll frequently.

2. Keep the doll dry. Soap and water are fine for cleaning, but afterwards you want to make sure that all surfaces, interior and exterior, are made to be completely dry. This includes completely drying up any bodily fluids. Water can work its way into the TPE pores over time which can cause issues such as mold and damage to structural integrity over time.

3. Keep all the doll’s orifices exposed to room air when the doll is not in use. This will prevent water vapor from becoming trapped in a cavity where mold can quickly grow. Never store the doll with the insert in the pussy cavity. Place a pen shaft or similar object in the doll’s mouth during storage in order to vent the oral cavity to room air.

There are many other care directives, but these are the care directives for protecting the actual TPE material from mold and degradation. Damage to the TPE material will inevitably occur after enough time; however, by following these directives, you can maximize the doll’s lifespan.

You can also find some video tutorials to repair and clean your doll.

Martine Peters’videos serie “TPE Doll Repair”

And “Repair Breast

Robin Lin video:


How to repair silicone doll from DS Doll:

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