The fantastic jiggling butt of Sumi

Sumi is one of my favorite dolls. She has a big breast, a naughty face with closed eyes and sweet tongue and an incredible BUTT…


Sapman24 is a senior member on TDF and a real nice guy. He authorized me to post an article on this beauty Kimberly.

Today, he wants to prove you that he made a very good deal… Her booty is.. OMG..

See there animated gifs:







You can buy yours with this incredible offer of my partner SiliDoll:

Sumi at $1699 !!
This incredible price is ONLY available from my blog!

The price includes import duties, Free DHL Express Shipping, 2 Lingerie and extra gifts (vibrator, cleanser, condoms)
For any further questions, please still refer to, where you may, for any questions, chat with him and reach FAQ section.
By clicking on the “Buy now with Paypal” button, you’re placing the order directly with Sili Doll, who will be promptly in contact for the shipment and delivery.
– Purchase with your Paypal Account Sumi at $1699 –
Buy Now with Paypal Button


Sumi Page on SiliDoll Store:





2 thoughts on “The fantastic jiggling butt of Sumi

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