2016 new products, DS-MINI from DS Doll

persaleDSmini_08DS Doll have produced the best life-size silicone dolls of the world. They are known to offer some of the most “human” doll with many details.

Their faces and bodies are incredibly realistic and they probably are in the top 3 of the luxury dolls manufacturers.

But Today, they decided to design some mini dolls: DS-MINI!

She is resized from 178cm supermodel body, 1/2 size sculpture to 100cm doll. In order to lose weight, the mini doll body is easy to operate and easy for storage. The doll body is mini, but keep all the shape and details.

I’m not sure it’s the best idea: the doll head is fixed on the body, neck without seam. You can’t change it. With no finger bones and build-in insert, fixed vagina (17cm), but  not anal or oral avalaible.

The good part are the 4 kinds skin color options, same as other DS Doll’s dolls.

They use plastic material for internal bone, it can reduce weight. and give the doll more rotate and move angle.

2 Mini dolls models: Eva and Eve (IMO: the nicknames are too close) they have same body, but different face and breast.

Eva’s face is based on Yolanda head, and she has small breast. if 175cm height, it is C cup.

Eve’s face is based on Kayla head, and she has big breast. if 175cm height, it is D cup.

The bodies size: B-W-H: 45/47cm-37cm-55cm, Weight: 9kg (15kg on the website is an error), height: 100cm

The DS-MINI will start shipping at May 2016 (Production on April) for $899.

It is start pre-sale now for $599.






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