New Photo of Oral Face 5 From Ruby13

_FACE5_12_15The message from Brash – Ruby13 about the oral Face #5

So I have my love hate relationship with this face.
I love what it can do which is a really great blowjob.
I am not so keen on her looks when she’s not in action.
I understand tho why my dad designed her that way.
To avoid the torn corners of the mouth that so many
dolls have. And he wanted “Expressions” on the other faces
which is really hard to do and make the face capable of oral
escapades. I mean have you ever seen a girl do both a smile
and perform orally? Not and be good at both, right? Anyway
here’s a photo I actually like of Ruby13’s face 5 which along with
face 8 and 14 is orally available. There’s a “2nd” on our site if you
want to check it out for $250 as well


Order Quick this Head 5 “Oral” 2nd

$ 250.00 $ 475.00


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.34.37 PM


Ruby13 Website:


TDF Link:


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