Big Review of The New 132cm 6YE

The New 132cm 6YE (Six Wild) Sex Doll – EXCLUSIVE First Uncensored Review, Unboxing and Overview from XS Doll

You could see all details in this 20minute vid. It’s a fantastic job of XS Doll.

so here it is, finally, the long anticipated uncensored video of the 132 6YE. I am sorry if 20 minutes is a bit long, but I wanted to show as much key factors of the body as possible.

Video Chapters:

1. Unboxing
2. Box Content
3. Wrist / Finger Movement
4. Legs / Feet Movement
5. Waist Movement
6. Legs Movement II
7. Breasts
8. Arm / Wrist Movement
9. Vaginal / Anal Texture
10. Head / Unboxing
11. Head / Apply
12. Head / Movement (important)
13. Wig / Apply
14. Posing Ability


The TDF Link with the written review:


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