Pics from first delivery of Caprice 155cm WM Dolls

caprice-155cm-wmdoll-first-delivery-8This is the next doll i want… Caprice. This 155cm beauty with big boobs and a so sexy wraist… i’m totaly in love!

LoveDoll UK gave us new photos from a model sold… and commented on TDF:

We received our first shipment of 155cm WM Dolls today. We’d have to say that she lives up to her promise and in many ways exceeds it. One thing I wasn’t personally ready for is exactly how beautiful her face is. A lot of the focus has obviously been on her body but I think many will not realise how incredibly beautiful she is too – I wasn’t expecting that. Another thing is that her waist is even thinner than the pictures have thus far shown and hopefully you can see it from the pictures below. I know this is not to everyones taste but WM have gone for a fantasy woman, here – something that you just wouldn’t come across that often (if ever) in real life. Also, we’ve tried to show how good her behind is as well, as I know a few people were hoping for a good booty.

pics from our first delivery of Caprice 155cm wm dolls   Love Doll Limited

The slideshow link:


The TDF Link:

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