New CC Body from 4Woods

05I don’t know how i can pass through this announcement, but 4Woods release a new body on mid July.

CC Body means a body style that is “Curvaceous” “Cute” and “Cherry” (like you want to put it into your mouth!) We had such ideas to develop this body.


CC Body has unimaginably enormous breasts, more than handful peach-like butt, voluptuous thighs, and sexy calves. She may have limited clothing option, but she is sure to satisfy customers’ needs who prefer thick, curvaceous, and voluptuous bodies. She will surely make your private space hot and steamy in a second!

Body Spec:
Height: 153 cm/ 5ft., Weight: 32kg/ 70lbs.
Bust: 94cm/ 37in, (under the bust: 65cm/ 26in), Waist: 61cm/24in, Hip: 91cm/36in


With this body, 4Woods release since few days two new heads: Super sexy new face “Asami” and “Winking Asami”

This head can be applied to our new body type, “CC Body” as well as AINEOim, AIdoll Allure, AIdoll S+, AIdoll EX and NEO-J/im.
The best feature of this face is her sexy “tongue.” This is the first face of 4woods with a tongue.
*There are two types of tongue you can choose from. It can be removed as well.
For limited time, we offer both of two sexy tongues for free to customers who order “Asami” or “Winking Asami” face.

the CC Body Galleries:

The CC Body Announcement:

4Woods Website:

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