Introducing the “Hanbun-ko Dolls”, a series for 4 sisters all with their own style and beauty: Anne, Mai, Izumi and Rena. Each sister has a unique style, personality and beauty.

There beauties come with : wig, Night Dress, Garter with belt, fixed eyes lashes and knickers. Onahole/masturbator not included. But you can add your own or order the special Hanbun-ko masturbator.

Get the petite cute Japanese girl of your dreams with the Hanbun-ko Chojo Anne Doll. A series of dolls created by A-one, the “half size” (hanbun) ladies are sweet “daughters” and Anne is the oldest of the sisters.


Another daughter in this beguiling family of sweet petite Japanese dolls, the Hanbun-ko Jijo Mai is the second oldest and thus has the most to prove. With her gorgeous pair of breasts, like all these pretty sisters Mai is a “half size” (hanbun) girl and all the cuter for it.


The third daughter (sanjo) in this adorable family, the Hanbun-ko Sanjo Rena is a sweet half-size (hanbun) doll and with a face even friendlier and happier than her siblings. Yes, Rena always has a smile for you and will welcome your embrace every time.


The sweet and innocent Izumi Doll has a movable neck and adorable eyes. Izumi is the fourth daughter, the youngest in this alluring family of cute dolls.


All vids at:

Chojo Anne

Check it out at:

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