How To Remove TPE Stains in less than 10 seconds, a great tip from @DigitalDavid

ink1I’ve cleaned my silicone dolls in the past using this method … So, when my TPE doll got stained, I figured the same thing would work.. And it does….

I let the following sit for about a day, giving time for the inks and grease to dry.. The pen marks were pretty deep in there. I cleaned the first 2 in less than 10 seconds. The “Permanent” one took about a minute.. However, I was using just Q-Tips.. Soap does nothing to these marks.

Test – ink from a pen
Grease Mark – grease from the screws on the doll
Permanent – Permanent Sharpie ink

Magic Method: Odorless Mineral Spirits..

The Result:


The TDF Link:

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