Unboxing Video: 100cm TPE Doll “Riley”

Hi, fans of Riley, the new 100cm star of WM Dolls has her new unboxing video!

We saw the “jiggle” vid and some “sex with” vids and now what about the fantastic and unforgettable unboxing day.

You could see some pics of this video on this slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The specifications of this model are:

TC1133 – Riley
Lovely Face
Blue Eyes
Pink Skin
Clear French Manicure
Toenails 11
Built-In Vagina
Wig #1

3 thoughts on “Unboxing Video: 100cm TPE Doll “Riley”

  1. Did he really cover up the doll’s naughty parts? Why even make a video of unboxing when you know that’s what viewers of the video (potential buyers) wanna see? Smh.


  2. Satevaliere here.

    I made this particular video, and covered up the naughty bits as this video was posted using YouTube, which has a strict policy of no direct sexual content. One of my videos was removed and I got a warning, and if they have to remove another video my account will be banned.

    Sometimes you have to compromise man. It’s still better than no video at all.

    – Sate


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