Artist Laurie Simmons takes on web subculture “How We See”

From the Internet Explorer, or the websites, we learn a little bit about Laurie Simmons How We See Expo:

Internet Explorer

Over the last four decades, artist, photographer, and filmmaker Laurie Simmonshas charted the female psyche through made-up worlds and scenarios that challenge our perceptions of reality. Perhaps best known for her dollhouse works, prominently featured in daughter Lena Dunham’s breakout movie Tiny Furniture, her newest series brings those explorations online, from the world of Kigurumi cosplay to the real doll community—women who alter themselves to look like Barbie, baby dolls, and Japanese anime characters through makeup, clothes, and even cosmetic surgery. In Laurie Simmons: How We See, opening March 13 at theJewish Museum, Simmons unveils seven new works that play on archetypal fashion model imagery, with an unsettling twist.

Internet Explorer

Laurie Simmons Interview   How We See  Jewish Museum NYC

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