New Face Miko – Aiko Doll sister

DSC00726xAiko has a new sister names Miko. Miko is on there site for orders. They will be showing Miko with bronze shin tone later.
First person to buy Miko light skin tone gets a Miko head and a Aiko head.
Miko feature and open mouth about a half inch deep. Miko uses the same body as Aiko functional vag (sex doll).


Weight : 3.5lbs approx 56oz
Eyes : 16mm
Height : 57cm approx 23″
Head Circumference : about 20.5cm
Wig Size : 7-8
Neck Circumference : 9 cm
width of shoulder : 10 cm
Chest Circumference : 24.5 cm
Circumference of waist: 15 cm
Circumference of Hip: 25 cm
Arm Length: 16.5 cm
Leg Length : 27 cm
Thigh Circumference : 14.5 cm
Feet Length : 6.5 cm
Vag: 5 1/2 inches deep

The AIKO Doll website:

More information on TDF:

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