Another big boobs lover post…

DS DOLL 145+I wrote a post to select the biggest boobs doll on earth, but i did not continue the list.

Today, i would like to show you the most busty dolls Vids i found:

Pam from Candy8teen in “Love doll big boob blond”:

Ruby from Ruby13 in “Sex Doll Short” and “Grey Sex Machine”

DS Doll145+

Jenna Rose Reality Penthouse Reality Girl

Sinthetic Breast:

Reald Doll 2 Body D Breast Jiggle Video

Melanie from 1stPC

July4th by sexy hot realdoll

15XL Dark Huge boobs silicone breast forms 6.5KG

And just for our pleasure: the “Hot big Boobs Sexy Video 2014”

5 thoughts on “Another big boobs lover post…

  1. The Melanie doll would make any guy melt xD Haha. Its price (silicone filled version) however is a bit unsetting (3’000$). And i have even heard bad quality check on theses from fellow TDF members. Would you know, in your perhaps longer expertise in the field, one doll with similare breasts features? At a more affordable price too? For the record, already own a “MODEL RILEY” type one. But still looking out for one similarly more human size like that Melanie, with gorgeous breasts.

    I have searched EVERYTHING I could (your blog, once again, helped a lot) on the web. Still not much success elsewhere online. I have seen CANDY8TEEN’s AMBER and Gunsmoke PAIGE as well and there is too little picture material of theses two dolls to make a decent choice.

    If you could, please reply to me via TDF via PM.
    Thank you, very much ☆


    • Hi Purplscarf, you listed so many great boobies dolls. And at this price, there is no high quality dolls like you want. I think the best one is the WM Dolls 155cm TPE, and there were so many orders, that you could find used dolls. You could see on asexdoll and there model SUKI with big breast. This Korean TPE model is one of new best dolls.


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