Different wigs for WM Dolls 100cm Riley

IMG65WM Dolls send us the list of the available wigs for their new beauty Riley. We already knew the pink one saw another blond one

Today, this is the complete list:


Other info on: http://iamdollusa.com/dolls/tpe/TC1133/Riley.html

8 thoughts on “Different wigs for WM Dolls 100cm Riley

    • Hi Tim
      they could not!.. this little beauty is too narrow crotch.the answer of Wm Dolls: “It is a small doll and it would be impossible at this time to have two working openings in such a small doll without it being prone to tearing due to very thin barrier between the two openings. One opening that works good in any position and that can be enjoyed from many angles is the best option for this type of doll size.”


  1. Well pal , bad news from beautiful- dolls ..they don’t make outfits for TPE 100cm love doll, just for life sized doll..I’ll keep checking around ..if I know something …I will post here….and you said your wife can help…well I need clothes like in the pics and sexy lingerie…you know stuff like that…


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