Let’s Talk About Sex…. Dolls, that is.

Miss Angelica Darling

Greetings fellow freaks and deviant perverts,

angelbw (1 of 1)-440

 Meet Sally. She is My personal sex doll. She has perky DD breasts, a functional anal hole, and her extremely tight pussy actually came intact with a beautifully soft, shallow hymen that I took the liberty of deflowering myself! She was a purely passionate and impulsive purchase on a sexy adventurous midnight trip after work to the local sex shop about three years ago. I’ve been intrigued by the concept of sex dolls for many years, however. There’s a deeply intimate and sensual art about them, not only in the creation, but also in the consumer’s selection process and use of them. Sex dolls and virtual sex will become more and more prevalent in our near future and, as technology advances, so will the art of creating these wonderful dolls.


I’ve never really been one too into dolls. Growing up, I was the oldest child and had all male siblings in…

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