1AM NEW Jennifer (TC1116) Full Silicone Doll!


This new doll’s specifications:
Height: 62.2 inch (158cm)
Measurements: 32.7″ Bust, 24.8″ Waist, 37.4″ Hips (83.63.95cm)
Model Number: TC1116
Model Name: Jennifer
Eye Color: Brown/Black
Body: Silicone with Metal Skeleton
Weight: 68 lbs. (31kg)
Sex Organs: Vagina , Oral (Face 1 Only)

– Face 1 (with Oral), Face 2 (No Oral) and Face 3 (No Oral)
– Wig Options: Blonde Long, Blonde Short, Brown Short, Brown Long, Black Short, Black Long

If you are interested, please contact 1AMDoll USA: iamdollusa@yahoo.com

TDF Announcement: http://www.dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=198&t=52325

1AMDoll China: http://iamdolls.com/products-117.html

IamDoll USA: http://iamdollusa.com/dolls/silicone/TC1116/jennifer.html

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