New Chloe TPE 3 From 1AM

After the version #2 release there a few months, 1AM offers a third version from there Chloe TPE Torso… and it’s not even a torso, with the addition of legs and arms/hands !!

This version is not actually on the USA  or the Asian websites, but you could ask a price

EDIT 05/14: You can now order Chloe 3 ($495) on the US Website

More information:


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See the Specifications:
Size: 28.3″ Tall x 14.2″ Wide (72cm T, 36cm W)
Model Name: Chloe 3.0
Model Number: TC1209
Body Material : TPE
Weight: 32 lbs. (14.5kg)
Sex Organs: Oral, Vagina, and Anus
Includes: Black Wig



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