*NEW* 64.2 inch TPE Doll Misty (TC1110-H) Now Available on 1AMDOLL

Misty is related to Renee, Tiffany, and Teri as she comes from the same factory. She is a great doll for those looking for a full size doll at an affordable price.

Height: 64.2 inches (163cm)
Measurements: Bust: 32.3″, Waist: 24.4″, Hips: 32.3″ (B: 82cm, W: 62cm, H: 82cm)
Model Name: Misty
Model Number: TC1110-H
Body: TPE with Metal Skeleton
Weight: 70.5 lbs. (32kg)
Sex Organs: Vagina, Anal, and Oral

1. Face 1 or Face 2 (Both Oral)
2. Eye Color: Black, Blue, and Green
3. Skintone: Pink, Natural, Pale
4. Fingernail Color: Pink or Clear
5. Toenails: Colors 1 to 13
6. Insert Vagina with Built-In Anal or Built-In Vagina with Built-In Anal

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