As, we wrap up the Re-Launch of the Reconnect we want to share one last Valentines day inspired entry. This video, is the first part of a documentary of Guys & Dolls, a BBC documentary. (We do not recommend this video for anyone under the age of 18)

As you watch this clip, we want you to note your reactions. Many of you will be astonished, and baffled. Most likely you will be unable to understand the way these men “connect”, and while we understand that this clip is not about technology or social media, there are some parallels worth reacting.

Are you disgusted with this “bizarro world” of Real Dolls? Is it because it is unknown, unfamiliar, and most likely something you find absurd? As you join us again tomorrow, reconsider these feelings.  Imagine how a generation, unfamiliar with our social network oriented generation may feel about us and the way we connect. E-mail us with your thoughts and responses as disconnect2reconnect@gmail.com .

posted by: Courtney D. Wright

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