Coupon Code On Tulip, Fitness Model

Tulip is a special fitness Model from Passion Doll. I already shoed you the propotype: New Fitness Doll from Passion Dolls

This doll is very close to Michele: Michele, 160cm Muscle Fitness Body Doll, but she’s lighter, with smaller breasts and smaller hips.

You can use this coupon:  TULIP300R until MAY 31st and you will get $300 off

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The Evil Cat Women

This is the third time that I propose you a series of this YL DOLL 148cm/4ft10 in vampire outfit (and therefore with head #193)

I love this combination and I would like very much if one of you, owner of the beautiful, gives us his impressions. And in particular what are the sensations offered by these two protruding canines…

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Homemade Photo Session

This is an another new pics series of the little BBW WM Dolls 163cm/5ft4 H cup with #184 head.

This curvy body is a great success and when she has decided to get naked, nothing can stop her.
She’s at home relaxed. She wants to show her shapes. She likes her generous curves.

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Erika’s Huge Boobs

This is a pics series from my friend @Mason703. Erika is a Passion Dolls 158cm Type A, the World Largest Breast Doll (121cm – 47.6in).

But Erika not only has huge breasts, she also has a huge ass. It’s a doll that brings together all the fantasies of many of us.

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What did you expect?


Yes, I’m chubby. Yes, I have generous curves. Yes, I like to show my body.

And you don’t like that?

I don’t think you mind. I’m sure you even like it and you’re excited about it.

Am I wrong?
I’m a doll, a WM Dolls 163cm / 5ft4 H cup with #93 head

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YL Doll 140cm / 4ft7 N Cup Aki

I introduced Yukina (New pics of Yukina, Huge Boobs Doll, NEW YL Doll 140cm with NEW head Yukina (#76)), Betty (Big Tits Betty) and Rania (Pics and video of the huge boobs Rania)…

Today, this is Aki!… and it’s my favorite….
God, this body is awesome. I love it!
A little doll, ultra sexy, Huge Boobs (N Cup), super light, a great choice. In this new video, you will be able to see the flexibility of her breast, her very thin hips and her small well rounded ass.

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Simply Nude

I’m gonna be honest with you. This WM Dolls 162cm / 5ft3 B cup new doll with #234 head is not my favorite doll. I’m a big-breasted, fleshy man, and that’s a long way from it…. But I must recognize the quality and care taken to the details of this body.

This series of nude photos will surely convince, which loves this kind of natural and simple beauty.

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