Aisha Is Naked

I have already introduced you to Aisha… that I had rather identified as oriental with this new face #271.: New YL Doll 157cm with new face Aisha… while some of you rather told me that he found it more Mexican.

I agree with you, especially in this new series where we can see the Muñequita with all its details….. since she is naked!...

This pretty woman with her pointed breasts and big nipples is really a pequeña perra.

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Do You Need A Nurse At Home?

I do…. Today she has put on a lighter outfit. I also like it a lot when she puts on her transparent blouse and has a nice lingerie underneath.

It is hot and she has to practice a lot of care. So she preferred a simple bodysuit that doesn’t hide much anymore.

She is a WM Dolls 157cm / 5ft2 B Cup and she is proud of her body.

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Little Woman with Huge Boobs and Ass

A new series of photos of the brand new Petite Doll (the pocket doll) after the first presentation: Brand New Huge Boobs Mini Doll
You will be able to get an eyefull with this great photoshoot with face #263 and pink hair… I love it.
It’s really great and I’m really looking forward to your first feedback on this brand new model.

I think it should be very practical and very exciting every day. In any case, that’s really the effect she gives to this series of photos. Her little apron with a Scottish motif is really hot.

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@busenhans shows you his Monster Boobs Doll

@busenhans recently contacted me to tell me that he was thanking me for posting pictures of my YL Doll 150cm O Cup (Olga) and Tootsie’s.

He already had the WM Dolls 170cm M Cup and is therefore a Huge breast lover. He particularly loves to put his head between his two huge boobs.

He was quickly convinced that he had to buy a YL DOll 150cm O Cup. I’ll let him tell you the rest.

When I saw the Pics from Tootsie of the YL 150cm O Cup on YOUR site i was hooked. ( Tootsie’s YL DOLL 150cm Huge Boobs ). Dolls France came with the #124 Head Pics and my decision was clear. (not quite, i waved between #124 and #142 olga)

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New YL Doll 157cm with new face Aisha

Aisha is a Brand New YL Doll 157cm – 5ft2 with new #271 face. 

It is a rather classic doll in its measurements and very natural. I don’t have the information on the cup size yet, but I think it’s an H Cup.
The facial features are reminiscent of a beautiful oriental African from the Maghreb.

Her eyes are very sexy and her lips make you want to kiss her full mouth. She has wide, thick nipples for those who like to lick them.

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Brand New Huge Boobs Mini Doll

This is the first time that WM Dolls has produced a small doll to my knowledge. In production, there is already Climax Doll and NEW Melissa

As usual, WM Dolls offers a super doll with beautiful shapes, a very light weight and a lower price ($1,499). A real pocket doll.

She has a big L Cup Breast, a slim waist and a pretty big butt. There’s a lot to enjoy with her.

This #264 face is NEW closed eyes head.

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Big Butt Waiting For Coach

She is still there this WM Dolls 156cm / 5ft1 B Cup  with small breasts and very wide hips. She always attracts us with her suggestive positions.

Her natural body (or even too natural) is very exciting and you really want to take her wildly from behind to enjoy her pretty, well rounded ass.

She comes back here in a picture with  #159 head, a short brown hair. She’s waiting to start her workout… and her coach. It’s up to you!

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