New series of the naughty curvy body


Do you like boobs? Big boobs? and Butt? BIG butt?

This new model from WM DOLLS is definitely my favorite body: a little height 4’9″ (152cm),  lightweight 81.5lb (37 kg), naughty shape. In these pics, you can see the #122 head with its large lips and green eyes… beautiful!

I’m just waiting vids with her….

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New Wm Dolls Torso with arms


Lightweight, reliable, with realism and flexibility, the WM DOLLS torso with arms meets the needs of people demanding comfort, little foot print for their “sex-love toys” and sensitive as close as possible to reality.

I have the torso from Or Doll and this one is better ’cause it have a skeleton and you may curved the body (like you can see with pics below).

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Big boobs and welcoming mouth, the perfect combination


WM Dolls produced the new 4’9 (152cm with) big boobs and big butt (Sexy night for beachy girl with big butt or WM Dolls Curvy is back) . This body received some excellent measurement:

  • BUST     85.5 cm    33.6 in
  • WAIST   53 cm     20.8 in
  • HIP         92.5 cm     36.4 in

This new #142 head from WM Dolls is really naughty and with the curvy body, it’s crazy!

For me, it is one of the most beautiful combinations currently.

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Breaking News of Doll House 168 2016

Doll House 168 is one of my favorite dolls brands. I really love their models, especially Rin, the 161cm Plus (5’3″). You can see her in a “jiggle” vid: Dollhouse 168 Rin Breasts Jiggle

DollTo exhibited at the 2016 Canton Expo in China, and sent me some vids of the DH 168 models you can see below.

Stay tuned i will post some news about DH 168 in short time….

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