The Asian Bride Loves Lingerie

Nice huge boobs for this asian lady.

This SY DOLL 158cm/5ft2 H Cup  with #110 head loves lingerie. She is wearing a set that she could have chosen to wear under her wedding dress. White transparent tulle with knots,

She’s beautiful and so sensual. In terms of her measurements, she remains very natural with her mannequin size and her light weight.

A real bride to take home, wearing it of course to get through the door!

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Small Chest Chinese Is Sexy

New sexy pics series of the WM Dolls 163cm – 5ft4 C Cup, here with the #219 head, asian style!

She wears a little vest that shows through a pretty sexy bikini. She’s always with her little red sneakers. The timeless wool cap completes the outfit of this pretty Asian.

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Video of SY Doll Huge Boobs L Cup

Big breasts, thin waist, a good little ass and a contained weight, these are all the ingredients to make a pretty doll.

Well SY Doll may have achieved this with its 167cm – 5ft6 L cup model.
His measurements are: L Cup (102cm – 40.1 inches), 53cm- 20.9 inches at the waist and 89cm- 35 inches hip circumference and only 38kg – 83.8lbs.

You will be able to judge the quality of the model presented thanks to a new video, and this new series of photos with the face #98

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Video of the new Huge Boobs 158cm

A lot of you are into this new WM Dolls 158cm 5ft2 L cup doll. And I understand you, I myself fell under the spell of the beautiful with the enormous breasts.

You are also several to ask me to find you new videos. So here’s some new you might like. It is linked to the first series of photos I published in the previous post with the #58 head: WM Huge Boobs new doll coming
So you find her slightly dressed and naked, sitting and standing.

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Small Breast Adventuress In The Garden

It had been a long time since the WM Dolls 163cm – 5ft4 C Cup with head #70 had appeared on the blog. She returns beautifully with a great series of photos and an associated video. In green and red Converse, she relaxes outside on a braided bamboo chair. She looks for our eyes before she comes inside and becomes much more… attractive.
For those who may have forgotten who the WM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 C Cup was, it’s a small-breasted doll with the brand’s new skeleton and beautiful body details. It has ideal measurements for this body type 82 – 62 – 82, for a relatively low weight.

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New Huge Boobs is Naked

Voila! The new Huge Boobs Doll Star, THE WM Dolls 158cm – 5ft2 L Cup (here with #31 head) is naked… Just for you my lovely readers

And You Say WOW

And I Say WHY… Why haven’t I bought it already? Why isn’t that my couch she’s lying on?
I love her huge breasts, her fat ass and the way she looks at me when she arches like that.
I can’t wait to see her in a garter belt, very high heel and spread legs.

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Small Breast WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 with #235 head

A new post about the WM Dolls – 5ft3 Small boobs B Cup… But this is the first time for this new #235 head. And I think the combo works perfectly.

This slightly Asian face, a little lengthened with its black eyes, its well drawn eyebrows and its small lips is really very successful accompanied by a long black wig

She appears soft and provocative at the same time. She is expected to hold you in her arms and hold you between her thighs…

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