Penelope, 163cm Busty Big Boob Love Doll


Passion Dolls sells some dolls from factories like WM DOLLS or . But they realize some dolls on their own brand. And this 5’4” one is beautiful. She is called Penelope and she has some HUGE beautiful boobs.

This big tits doll has an upper breast size of 101cm (3’3.7”) and under breast of 66cm (2’2”), which translate into an M-cup size bust. In addition to her gorgeous boob, Penelope butt is firm and tone like a Brazilian butt.

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Sanhui video reviews of 145 and 165plus

Two excellent new vids from DollTo, a US distributor of DS, Sanhui, and Dollhouse 168, on YouTube about Sanhui dolls: The 4’9” (145cm) and 5’5” (165cm).

These dolls are both made with a medical grade platinum cured silicone imported from Japan. There exist two model of the 4’9” doll with normal and C- Cup.

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New 145cms and the new Ako face doll with the skin colour Tagara


One of my partner, Cloud Climax, UK DS DOLL (ExDoll) Official Seller, sent me some news and lot of pics about the 145cm bodies and faces, with Ako, Aoi, Kaoru, Lin, Mei, Nana and Rei.

I decided to write a series of posts, and this one is… the first!

You could see below all pics of:

  • Ako
  • Aoi

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Order a sex doll and receive a FREE Sexy Costume


My partner offers Free Sexy Costume with an Sex Doll order .

I loved this idea and You can choose between the four costumes above:

  • Sexy Bride Dress
  • Sexy Maid Dress
  • Sexy Nurse Dress
  • Sexy School Girl Costume

And your new doll will be…. SEXY!

Follow this link to benefit this promo: free-sexy-costume-until-halloween