RDA Best Dolls Awards 2018 Results

And here are the results of the RDA Best Dolls Awards 2018. First of all, I want to thank all the voters (more than 1600) who played the game to participate and express their choice.
I also want to wish everyone a wonderful year and a little early to all my Chinese partners who will soon celebrate their New Year. They will take a little break between 30th, Jan to 12th, Feb.
But now is the long-awaited moment of revelation.

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Thank You All!

I want to thank you for this year 2018 and your loyalty. I also had many new visitors and I also tried to offer you more and more different dolls.

In 2018, I had to close the YouTube, Vimeo, and more recently Tumblr and Pinterest accounts. The current state of mind is not at all conducive to the promotion of our favorite dolls.

The 2018 figures were excellent compared to the previous year as the blog again doubled its attendance statistics:

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Sexy Biker Stephanie

Stephanie is in love with old classic motorcycles. She could have bought hers not too long ago.

So she’s still working on maintaining it and making it beautiful, day and night. She never leaves her stroll partner.

Her roaring heart resounds between Stephanie’s thighs and it sends her straight to the seventh heaven. It excites her so much that she caresses herself at her side and makes herself come to the sound of the engine.

Stephanie is an YL Doll 157cm / 5ft2 with a #254 head

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Huge Boobs Sisters III

You know I love them!

These two dwarf sisters (Huge Boobs Dwarf Sisters Are Back, Twin Sister On Fire) are super exciting and I would be too excited to have them both at home…

They are different (from faces #263 and #264), but they are really twins. A very big tits, a good big butt and a lot of sensuality, all you need to seduce a man like me!

And imagine both in your bed (or elsewhere) and you will go far in the pleasure.

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After Party With Xiu

A nice evening on a Roof Top… we had a great time and danced well. I met Xiu, a beautiful young woman from Hong Kong, who had just arrived here.

She speaks very good English and knows our evening habits very well… she’s a real American. When I told her I was taking artistic photos, she immediately hung up.

And she came to my house for the After Party. She didn’t have changed her clothes… but she was quickly ok to undress and let me enjoy her shapes.

The evening went on well after the session. This was a night with an Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft4 D Cup.

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Big Boobs Kristel 2 Videos

Kristel is well known on this blog. I already showed it to you once in this previous post: Big Boobs Kristel

With her friend Jen, they are my favorite at Jarliet’s, although I just discovered a smaller 160cm / 5ft3 that you will soon see here. But back to Kristel….

This very sexy doll with her slim waist and 99cm – 39 inches breast is rather tall (166cm – 5ft5) for a weight that remains reasonable. In this post, you will be able to see her in video with her beautiful tanned skin tone body… which I prefer.

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Naughty Misa Shows Her Big Butt

Misa is a brand-new DollHouse 168 155cm 5ft1 C Cup with #68 head

Misa is clearly a slut. She loves sex. She’ll do anything to make love and get caught, especially from behind. She loves sodomy… she loves her ass.

This beauty is always naked with some accessories, like a leather suspender belt….. With her glasses and her slutty look, you won’t last long.

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