Chubby WM Dolls 163cm H Cup

Ohhh Yesss…

And here’s a new series of pictures of the chubby doll star: The WM Dolls 163cm H Cup is a star on internet, here with the #195 head (like WM Dolls 163cm H cup new body with #195 head, but not with the same wig).

I leave you in the company of this sublime coppery brown who does us the honor of a strip tease in swimsuit…

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Huge tits for Giant pics Gallery

Second time on RDA for  the SM Doll 158cm/5ft2 M Cup after Nasty Big Boobs Christmas Mother

And this is a GIANTTTT pics gallery with the #17 head.

You can see her in her shower, in a hallway sitting on a small piece of furniture and naked in her bed. Her bra seems too small in size since it lets her generous chest overflow… And it’s really cool!!!

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Slutty Vampire is Back

Trick Or Treat?….

I know that Halloween has been here a long time, but I think playing never hurt anyone… and when you’re lucky enough to have that #193 head, you can prolong the fun a bit.
So the damsel is a well known YL Doll 148cm/4ft10 D Cup  which has been seen here before.This is the third pics series with same combo:

But it doesn’t spoil anything since her body with its well bumped breasts is always very pleasant to look at.
If any of you have purchased this face, I would like him to contact me and send me photos or vids and a comment so I can publish a new post.

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Back To The Sexy Fifties

Do you know this SM DOll 150cm/4ft9 L Cup, here with the  head 56?

For me, it was a discovery… and rather nice when you see the super big boobs of the lady!
I find her very stylish and typical 50’s style with her swimsuit, her very red lipstick, her blonde wig and her white fishnet stockings. This lightweight doll also has, and above all, a tolupe size!

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WM Dolls 156cm/5ft1 B cup with #156 head

WM Dolls 156cm B cup in Red Dress

Super sexy and tight-fitting red dress,  muscular body, wide buttocks and small nipples….

The WM Dolls 156cm/5ft1 B cup with #156 head is a blondie with blue eyes… She’s not a classic doll…

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Doll4Ever 165cm Olivia pics

Olivia is a good girl… Olivia is a Doll4Ever 165cm/5ft5 I cup.

She’s a woman greedy for sex. It is even rather reserved. But if you serve him a little glass, it’s likely that the atmosphere will warm up a bit.

It may show you the details of its anatomy…

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A Sporty Slutty Bitch

Do you like muscular asses? Women’s bodies well sculpted by hours of intense sports?

Well, I probably have a new set of pictures that will really please you and probably excite you a little bit!

This new photoshoot with the WM Doll 156cm/5ft1 B cup with #122 head, already seen in Small tits and a huge booty doll is shown this time with the Tan Skin body and a very blonde wig. I find her very slutty….

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